Thanks, amigo. I am choosing, for the time being, to believe the people of Texas will use this moment to come to their senses and move away from the type of government that is destroying this state, and has been since Ann Richards left office.

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Couldn't happen to a nicer guy... About time. It'll be interesting to see what the wife does since she's known about the mistress for awhile and hasn't divorced the creep. She might continue to put ambitions above personal ire. Of course, have you seen him? Having a mistress for him so she doesn't have to perform any physical closeness might make her happy. And knowing this bunch, I'd imagine she has her side piece who makes her smile like Melania on the arm of young escorting soldiers. Almost the entire house voted to impeach. Implications are that the spiteful, threatening and arrogant Paxton is unpopular and his fellow Texas politicians fear him. They were happy to vote him out. Of course, Abbott will only support him if it serves Abbott. And Patrick, the radio shock jock who told seniors they should die for his ambitions, I mean, the economy, should tread lightly. If enough hoopla is made of the blatant corruption of the Texas GOPers, enough voters might come out and be able to overcome their disenfranchishment by voting out the Paxton enablers. We should all be incensed that in their regular session, they didn't do the work for Texans by lowering property taxes, instilling some sort of gun safety, revoking antiabortion "laws", addressing homelessness, working with the feds to address border issues, etc., and instead passed "anti-woke" measures. Wasting an entire regular session and taxpayer money for the ludicrious idea that citizens care more about having books banned, libraries closed, librarians ostracized, women incarcerated for personal health decisions and maligning gays and the handful of trans teens in Texas, than taking care of the dire needs of Texans and Texas. And, Ted Cruz, jumping right in to show his support for Corruption King Paxton, will make great political ads for Collin Allred. They'll write themselves. An example of what Texas and other republicaions are replicating in their state legislatures while ignoring the real needs of our states and country: https://www.juancole.com/2023/05/christian-nationalist-republicans.html

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true excellence in this commentary.... So amazing how the normally camera conscious and photo op hungry "law and order" leadership... has been and remains so conveniently quiet about this... You certainly can't call it a "Rush to Judgment"

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Mr. Moore,

As usual your hammer has reached the nail head. I'm just sorry Ted Cancoon couldn't get caught up in something like this. Ahhh, a fellow can dream.

What a sticky wicket this seeming catch 22 has brought to Austin. You brought both sides to light and I won't go on about it.

Enough to say, if the bastard gets off, I hope an angry hive of pissed off liberals hits the ballot box.

Hell, Conservatives should be pissed off as well. Paxton makes the MAGOTs look like what they are. And we all know they'd hate for that to come to light.

Greg Abutt had better lay low. We know, he knew.

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