Right as rain J.B. I've lived in Texas all my life except for a brief period, when as a child I had no choice.

I've traveled too. As a truck driver 48 and Canada. I was always proud to say I was from Texas.

I'm disabled now and can't travel except to the doctor. I'm glad I got off that truck and don't have to lie about where I'm from.

The state of dumb ass. I hate telling TEXANS I'm from Texas, cause they'll think I'm a dumb ass too. I need a tee-shirt

"I'm from Texas, but I'm not a dumb ass!"

Ah hell, somebody'd just shoot me. Prolly some dumb ass.

Let me ask you J.B. what does it say about our state, when we keep sending these jerks to Austin, or even city hall. We can't/won't vote them out. How many of our current Republican legislators have had their babies killed by some crazed jackwad?

Momma's got tired of their babies getting killed by dunks. What happened?

Ya' can't drink and drive, that's what.

Shit, we have seat belt laws, emission laws, inspection laws.

Ya' can't even walk across the street where ya' want. But, do any of this stuff with an AR-15, or a pistol, we'll write you a ticket, hey nice gun.

This gun violence will stop when it effects the people allowing it. Show them the walk through clips, they'll want popcorn and framed pictures. When it's their babies, husbands, daughters action will be taken.

Tell me I'm wrong.

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When I was traveling during trump time (the sob just won’t go away) I was always saying, “I didn’t vote for him” when folks learned where I was from. As to the suggestions of crime scene photos, some of the parents said they would allow such. And it is so much worse than can be imagined. Would those horrific photos pierce the coal that is Abbott’s heart?

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Me, too. Scared to be a Texan.

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